Your Dog Has Night Terrors? My Dog Has Night Pees!

Dogs do crazy things at night — howling at the moon, running in their sleep, getting the hiccups and keeping you awake (thanks, Banjo!) and even having night terrors — but Banjo is peeing at night.

Banjo on the Bed

Thankfully, she’s not peeing in our bed (although we do have a plastic mattress cover for just such an issue). She’s getting up and walking all the way to the other side of the apartment, peeing on the floor and then happily trotting back to bed.

We’re not terribly surprised by the behavior since little Miss Crazy Pants is only 8 months old (already?!) and doesn’t have the iron bladder that her mature sister Pig Dog has. Also, Banjo has a fun game that she likes to play at about 10:30 every evening called “Drink All the Water.” The rules are simple: just drain all the water in the water bowl.

Banjo and the Pig Lounging

Then at some point in the middle of the night, our baby boxer sneaks away (giving Mommy some much-needed leg room on our shrinking queen-sized bed) and pees in the kitchen before climbing back into bed.

Here’s the curiosity: Banjo is leaving her bed (very usual behavior) to urinate next to her food bowl and toy box (unusual behavior). I actually had to wash all of her toys and toy box last week after her late night tinkles soaked right into the fabric and saturated her stuffy collection.

Banjo Flea ToyBanjo Pig Toy


What have we done about it?

  • No water after 9 PM
  • One extra late night pee pee break just before bed
  • A baby gate now blocks our bedroom’s exit

Hoorah! Our efforts have worked and the Wonderful Wiz hasn’t had any evening accidents in a week!

Banjo and Pig


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