When There’s No Time to Write, There Are Always Dog Pictures

My last post was over 2 months ago. Shameful, I know. In my defense, our little home did blow up with business as we prepared for Ivan’s residency applications. And, during that time, we were able to raised $10,000 to pay for the application process. That’s a big deal!

But I also realized that writing a full (500+ words) blog post every week or two just isn’t plausible, despite my great desire to do just that. And however much my friends, family and followers may intend to follow through with reading a 500-word post every week, that isn’t very plausible either.

The solution: keep it simple. My life may be anything but simple right now and that’s OK. But I have a couple talents that work well in this setting: words, pictures and doodles. All of which are easy to quickly digest in moderation.


So, in honor of my very favorite season, we spent a little time at the farmers’ market recently and picked up some cider and apples. Ivan and I enjoyed the cider while the pups helped me bake some de-lish apple crisp.


Babe-2 Banjo-2


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