When Mega-Bed Isn’t Enough

Babe the pit bull

For years we’ve had a really great round dog bed from L.L. Bean. Unlike every other bed that we’ve gotten the dogs, this one just seemed to keep its shape and stayed soft. It didn’t flatten, become oddly lumpy or tear.


Unfortunately, when Banjo was potty training (which took forever), she decided that the round bed was the best spot to urinate. If we saw her in the act, we could immediately remove the bed’s cover before any damage was done. But once we didn’t notice her eliminating and by the time I saw the wet spot, it had almost completely soaked through. The bed was ruined.


For Christmas we replaced that bed and a now-trained Banjo has been enjoying it immensely. Again, its retaining its shape and sturdiness. The cover is fantastic and its big enough for both girls to snuggle.

But one bed isn’t enough. We also have a second dog bed and, although it too is soft, the 2 beds stacked together are better than just one. Together, they make mega-bed and that’s how the dogs prefer to keep it (when they aren’t sleeping on the couch or our bed or the guest bed).


Recently, when preparing for a couple photos for Babe’s upcoming calendar (oh, yes, you heard me right!), I used a sheepskin as a cover on our bed. As soon as I laid Babe down on the luxuriously fluffy fur, she nuzzled her nose in and refused to budge. She was a happy camper.


I can hardly blame her. Although the hide is usually on the back of our couch, I’d probably zonk right out if I settled on that super soft fur, too! And, apparently, Banjo agreed.


If you’re wondering why I have a sheepskin, it’s a little bit of a tale. But it began with me finding one at a farmer’s market where some lovely yarn is sold right next to lamb chops and sausages–clearly they use all parts of their livestock.

In the end, I didn’t get that skin, but did get one from a farm in Denmark, of all places!

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