Third Avenue. Third Floor.

I told you I’d get around to posting proper pictures of our dwelling.

Well, here you go!

The master bedroom:

Blog NYC 1

And another angle with Babe’s unbreakable kennel and our cubby box:Blog NYC 2

The guest room (very bare so far), which could be YOUR room if you come visit!!:Blog NYC 3

Decorated walls (minimally) and our roof-access storage closet:Blog NYC 4

The bathroom (is there any way to take a good photo of a bathroom without a fisheye lens?):Blog NYC 5

A little of the kitchen and living room:Blog NYC 6

More kitchen!:Blog NYC 7

And our Mediterranean-style bookshelf. The moustache décor is hand-carved by a friend and you can get your own HERE (opens in a new window):Blog NYC 8

A little more of the bookshelf and our handy dandy couch–situated in front of our brick wall (so cool!):Blog NYC 9

The “office corner” and some more of that wicked awesome brick wall!:Blog NYC 10

These are our west-facing windows in the kitchen and dining area:Blog NYC 11

Dinner table and more décor around the desk and kitchen windows:Blog NYC 12

More of the same with our crazy heavy plant stand:Blog NYC 13

And the last couple shots are the plant stand and the large window sills:Blog NYC 14

Well, that’s basically a virtual tour of our new apartment! It’s mostly new, with all new cupboards, appliances, lighting, fans, etc. I’ve said it before, but it’s really a generously sized place for New York!

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