The Fancy Mirror

Babies love mirrors. If you have kids, I’m not telling you anything new. Being fascinated by our own reflections is something that starts early.

A couple weeks ago Ivan and I went to an estate auction with a couple friends. There was a lot to look at, including the house which had a huge indoor pool and was also being auctioned (and ultimately sold for a shockingly small amount).

We weren’t in need of anything in particular. But I do have a love of ornate, baroque, borderline-gaudy frames. When we glanced at the line of mirrors wedged between two heavy nightstands in the garage and I spotted one that fit the bill of an over-the-top frame, I had to have it.

And twenty dollars later, it was mine.

We propped it up in the studio for now–having no dedicated wall to hang it. And when I placed Lyra in front of it, she was mesmerized. She loves watching her own reflection, touching the glass and gazing at me in the mirror.

I’d say I won big time with this purchase.

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