The Coffee Shop Caricatures

Once upon a time (quite recently, in fact) I worked for a handful of months at a nearby coffee shop. It was my in-between job after the law firm (Oh! The horror!) and before/overlapping my current collection of jobs: dog walking (that’s puppy therapy), writing and painting.

Also, have I mentioned that I’ve been drawing and painting since I could get my stubby baby fingers on some crayons? Because I have. And working an in-between job at a coffee shop didn’t stop that artistic itch.

In fact, part of the reason why I took the job at the coffee shop was for some human interaction. After months and months of working in a windowless office in the law firm, I was desperate for some NYC reality. And there was quite a bit of that at the coffee shop. So much so that I had to draw some.

I present the Coffee Shop Caricatures:

1. The elderly woman whose coffee was never hot enough. Straight from the pot and steaming in a cup, her coffee made its way to the microwave where it reached just the right temperature to melt any normal human’s face off.

Hot Coffee Granny

2. The little far-sighted girl with a shabby-chic wardrobe and award-winning imagination (if I was the one handing out awards).

Sketch1 Sketch2 Sketch3 Sketch4 She'll Go Far

3. The guy with a peculiar hood and an even more peculiar personality who reminded me strongly of a certain character from Monty Python’s Holy Grail.

Coffee Knight


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