Last weekend, Ivan and I met a few friends near the Brooklyn Bridge to check out Smorgasburg.


Since I’m assuming that you don’t know what Smorgasburg is, let me tell you: Smorgasburg is a weekend summer event that involves a number of restaurateurs and their respective restaurants setting up temporary shop in carnival-style tents for a food fest. You can find out more on THIS SITE.



If you’re in the area, consider yourself a foodie (or just really enjoy stuffing yourself silly with seriously delicious food), and want to check it out, please take note of the location of Smorgasburg. On Saturdays it is located in Williamsburg. On Sundays it is located near the Brooklyn Bridge.


We went on a Saturday and didn’t notice that the venue changed each day. So we found ourselves a few blocks from the Brooklyn Bridge before realizing that we had come to the wrong area.




Luckily we live in New York, so we just flagged a taxi and took a $15 trip north to the actual location of Smorgasburg.


Nothing in New York is cheap. That is a sad reality. So even the festival of food was a hit to the wallet, but oh boy was that food good! I’m sorry that we didn’t get to try the fresh coconut water or ramen burgers or barbeque, but the samosas were amazing in both the tamarind sauce and cilantro sauce. The Thai ginger iced tea was refreshing after the drunken sausage drenched in spicy mustard and chimichurri sauce. And what better way to wash down the teriyaki shrimp balls than soy chocolate hazelnut ice cream and Taiwanese bubble tea?




The food was really awesome. I hope to get back before the end of summer. Hopefully if we return, we can do so on a Sunday and make it to the Brooklyn Bridge location.


We ate our food by a cement retaining wall near hundreds of other festival-goers who also were enjoying the delicious nosh and perfect weather. Though, we had a hard time not openly staring at one guy who was curiously wearing a pair of tiny, shimmering gold shorts.




I was comfortable with just gawking at him, but our friends were insistent that I needed to photograph someone so… memorable. We set up a mock shoot with everyone lined up in front of Mini-shorts so that I could snap a few pictures of him while pretending to photograph my friends. It was all very incognito and fun.


Meanwhile, directly behind me, another (way cooler) spectacle was under way. An enviously talented guy was performing one-handed hand stands. (Because, what else would you do after cramming all sorts of fried and dense foods down your gullet?) After asking for permission, I got a photo of his feat and, before heading out, we chatted with him and his friends for a while.




After going many years—and perhaps their entire lives—without McDonalds, my dogs finally tried the clown of fast food’s burgers. Last weekend I picked up a couple plain burgers for the pups and let them have a go.


The dogs were pretty willing to do a few tricks and pose really nicely before their treats for a couple photos. Ajax was playing the blind-and-deaf card, and didn’t seem to know where his burger was—that is, until whichever team scored and the bar next door erupted in cheers, drawing my attention for the split second it took the old man to inhale his burger and bottom bun. So I didn’t get much proof that he enjoyed it, but I assure you, he did.

Pig Dog Blog-1



Funny enough, he did that very same trick about eight years ago with a steak that was slated for Ivan’s dinner.


Babe, on the other hand, was so terrified about getting food that was quite clearly neither dog food nor dog treats, she actually took some coaxing before she’d finally take a bite!

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