Puppy Rumpus Time Every Day!

The Pig Dog has always been a relaxed dog. She’d rather chill than party. And she really is wonderful at being adorable and snuggling.

She never played much with Ajax, even when they were both younger and more interested in roughhousing. But she did have one playmate. Years ago, we had a boxer named Charlie and Babe adored him. They were the very best friends!

Babe hadn’t really played with another dog in about 4 years before we brought home Banjo.

Babe’s response to Banjo meant the world to me. So that very first day, when Banjo chased Babe all across the apartment, nipping at her heels and being a real pain in the butt, I was worried.

Then, suddenly, Babe started playing.


And she hasn’t stopped since.


She may not play for as long as Banjo. And she may not do all of the jumping around and kicking and barking as Banjo.


But she does play. Almost every day. And they are the very best friends!


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  1. This is so lovely.

    Years ago, I got a rescue dog who had been so badly deprived and abused that she didn’t even understand play. It took a long time, but she learned to trust and relax enough to play, and for YEARS her playing would sometimes actually make me CRY because I was so happy.

    So glad Babe has a best friend. 🙂

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