Outdoors in the Fall. Is there Anything Better?

The days that we can spend outside, leisurely walking, throwing the ball and burying our snouts in leaves are coming to an end, I know. Winter is coming. (Yes, yes, I love Game of Thrones.)


We’ve been trying to squeeze in extra outdoor play time wherever we can, which means that I’ve been jogging with Banjo in the mornings over to Owl’s Head Park to throw her ball endlessly as the sun rises over the small meadow.


And as much as I appreciate Owl’s Head dog park, I’m not sure that I’m a huge fan of their recent renovation, in which they removed all of the grass and replaced it with… well… cat litter. I suppose there is less mud to deal with and there are less weeds to remove and fewer piles of poo to “accidentally” miss. Still, I do miss the green. Now it just feels so unnatural.

IMG_4953 IMG_4957

Not that Banjo is complaining. She runs for her ball as madly at Owl’s Head as she does at Shore Road park. The only reason why I opt for Owl’s Head these mornings, in case you were wondering, is the simple pleasure of having the park almost entirely to ourselves.

I enjoy giving Banjo the chance to socialize, of course, but the goal of these visits is to wear her out with some fierce games of fetch. At Shore Road, her ball is frequently nabbed by another dog and she gets far less exercise. Not to mention, it can be really difficult for me to break away from those other chatty (and super friendly) dog owners!

IMG_4940 IMG_4942

When Ivan and I are both taking Banjo out, we always go to Shore Road and enjoy those slow mornings together. On the past few visits, we’ve also taken Babe.


Now that her foot is almost completely healed, she’s been quite keen to get out and walk around. So while Ivan and Banjo play fetch and chat and play at the dog park, I’ve been taking Babe for a soothing walk through the leaves.

IMG_5120 IMG_5126

And through the bushes.


Along a wooded path.


With little pauses at the benches.

IMG_5155 IMG_5159

I love these sweet fall mornings with my furry family.

2 responses to “Outdoors in the Fall. Is there Anything Better?”

  1. Awesome pics. I thought you were at the beach. They’ve gone to a lot of effort with that and it’s a far cry from open grassland. Here in the UK, you don’t get to see the dog mess until you step in it and that’s not fun. Healing vibes for Babe’s foot.

    • Oh no! Stepping in a pile is the worst. It’s often a concern here because, for every responsible pet owner, there is an irresponsible one.
      Thanks for the positive thoughts for Babe!

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