No Dogs in the Kitchen

I’ve tried the no-dogs-in-the-kitchen approach before, especially after tripping over a begging dog for the gazillionth time. But those faces are too cute to keep scolding and, frankly, if I drop a carrot, I don’t mind the dogs gobbling it up before I inevitably kick it under the stove and out of my reach.

But what happens when I drop something that isn’t quite up to their refined palates’ expectations?

Let me give you an example of what happens. The other day, I was chopping up some red cabbage (yum yum!) for a dish that failed (doh!) and dropped a big wedge on the floor. Banjo, being the lightning-fast and resourceful dog that she is, was at my side, waiting for food to fall from the sky.


She snatched the cabbage and off into the living room she scampered. And then she proceeded to physically and messily examine the cabbage. First she removed each individual layer, scattering them across the rug, and then shredded them, one by one, leaving little purple cabbage piles to stick to my feet as I walked through the room.


In the meantime, Babe was sitting on the sofa, having sniffed and deemed the cabbage unworthy.

When Banjo had finished her splendid game of Annihilate the Cabbage, I took the dustpan and broom to the mess. (But not without first insisting that Babe try a tiny bite.)


What odd things does your dog eat (or refuse to eat, but makes a mess of)?

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