Mom’s (Third) Visit to NYC

After her triumphant retirement, my mom’s found herself with a little extra free time. She spends it creating greeting cards and mailing them to friends and family (as the latter, I’ve received quite a few), skiing through Erie’s record-breaking snowfall (a peculiar source of pride for certain Erie natives) and subsequently falling and injuring herself, and, of course, visiting her daughter and son-in-law in the Big City (record breaker of many things, including number of stalactites clinging to the crumbling ceiling of the 59th Street subway tunnel, but not of snow accumulation).


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Her visit (about a month and a half ago now) came at a time when Ivan had to spend most of his available time studying for one more shelf exam. (Have I mentioned that Ivan is now a 4th year medical student and is, therefore, a mere year away from being Ivan Loker, M.D.?)


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And my job required me to work most days that she was visiting. (Incidentally, I left that job for yet another one. I think that is number 4 or 5 now. It is ridiculously easy to find jobs in NYC. But this time I’m finally back to working with animals – my goal from the get-go. So, yay!)


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Although we endeavored to spend time with Mom, visiting such fun places as Williamsburg and the Brooklyn Brewery, Chinatown, Central Park, F.A.O. Schwartz, Bryant Park, the NYC Library and the Union Square Farmers’ Market, we just didn’t have as much time as we would have liked.


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Instead, Mom rallied her courage and travelled a little bit of the big city herself (gasp!).


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She visited a couple museums in rich neighborhoods in Manhattan and walked around Central Park. She managed the subway and got the real city experience of being packed in a train like a cliché sardine. And, when adventure wasn’t on the to-do list, she walked around our nice little neighborhood.


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That’s about the gist of Mom’s most recent visit to the Big Apple!


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