Life is Crazy, But the Dogs Still Love Me

I’m going to make a little admission here: my life is somewhat insane right now.

In 6 weeks (holy crap balls!) Ivan will be receiving an email that is going to change our lives. He’s been interviewing for the past 2 months for residency positions all over the country. Ivan’s not the only one, either. Medical students across the country have been doing the same.

That’s because a new wave of doctors is about to enter the medical field. Ivan, and thousands of other medical students, will be graduating late this spring and will officially be doctors!

Since November, Ivan has interviewed at 17 different locations (in 10 states) for resident physician programs. In March, the programs will rank all of the students they interviewed. And, in turn, the students will rank all of the programs they interviewed with. Then, on March 18th, the students will be matched with programs in a national event and we will be notified where Ivan will be working as an M.D. in July.


Meanwhile, on April 30th, our Brooklyn apartment lease ends. Our intention — barring unforeseen issues — is to buy a house in our new home state (wherever that might be). That gives us 6 weeks from the day we find out where we are moving to the day our lease ends to locate and purchase a house. It’s wishful thinking, to say the least. But it is, I believe, a pretty solid reason for why my posts may be less frequent.

On top of that, my art business is, to say the least, swamped. Each month I choose a new shelter or rescue to donate part of my art proceeds to. For the month of January, I chose Last Hope K9 Rescue, a great organization based out of Massachusetts. As it turns out, Last Hope is fabulously popular and has a strong foundation of adopters and supporters. I received well over 50 custom orders in 30 days and am frantically trying to keep up (but also not complaining).


I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off (what a horrible image!). And yet, the dogs have been wonderful and continue to love me, despite my frantic behavior. What would I do without them?!


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  1. Allison, you are amazing. I would have lost my mind by now:-) When things get hectic, crazy, and out of control, the one thing I always counted on was having my Alex, she went to that rainbow bridge almost 6 months ago, and now Abby, a 9 month old Beabull to put things in perspective. I love they way dogs truly enjoy being in the moment. Do you want to decompress and relax? Brush your furry kid’s hair. That relaxes me a lot. the best to you and your family in such a hectic time.

    • Ha ha! That’s a great idea! Though, our pups have such short hair, we don’t have a brush for them! We had a furminator, but that super short fur just didn’t respond to it as well.
      I’m looking forward to the move, honestly. We will hopefully end up in a much more rural location and then we can decompress by going for day-long hikes in the woods. It’ll be great for all of us and the dogs too!

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