Happy Birthday (Adopt-aversary) Pig Dog!

A couple days ago we celebrated Babe’s adoption anniversary / birthday. And we did it the only way we knew how — with a decadent cake!


Babe’s Origins

We don’t actually know when Babe’s birthday is. But 8 years ago, my sister-in-law found Babe running alongside the road. It was January in northwestern Pennsylvania, so the temperature was below freezing and the ground was snow-covered.


With nowhere else to take the stray, my sister-in-law dropped the little frozen pit bull off with us. I was hesitant to have her in the house at first. After all, we had 2 dogs at the time and I didn’t want to put them in danger.

But that first evening Babe proved 2 things: she loved everyone in our household and she was in need of medical attention.

Happy burfday to...


Babe’s Health Problems

We let her stay with us temporarily. For a few weeks she was our foster dog while we treated her severe urinary tract infection with 2 rounds of antibiotics. Meanwhile we watched the newspaper and contacted shelters and vet clinics to see if anyone was looking for her.

No one was. She was abandoned. From her appearance, she had very recently had puppies and I suspect that her UTI was causing her to urinate on the floor in her previous home. That, coupled with the fact that her puppies may have already been weaned meant that she was disposable, so out into the fatal cold she went.


My sister-in-law found someone that wanted to keep her. We just had to deliver the stray to her new owner.

Great! Perfect! We didn’t want a third dog anyhow. It was too crowded and too hectic with 3 big dogs in our house. Except one thing. I worked for an animal shelter and I saw firsthand the results of pet overpopulation and irresponsible ownership. If Babe was going to a new home, we were at least going to have her spayed and microchipped before she left our home.

I won't touch it unless you says I can.
I won’t touch it unless you says I can.

We scheduled the appointment. Then cancelled it. Because Babe had gone into heat.

That was my first experience of a dog in heat and it will be my last. And it was even worse for our other 2 dogs, both of whom were males. Sure, they were neutered, but dogs don’t know the difference between testicles and tennis balls. It was just crazy!

When her cycle was finished we were all prepared for her spay. Then our little shorty decided to try out her gymnastic routine by springing off of the back of our couch, tearing her ACL. More medication. Spay surgery delayed again.

I can has it?

Oh boy!

After that was over, we rescheduled, but the pre-surgery bloodwork showed a little concern that ended up being a staph infection in her lymph node. More medication. Spay surgery delayed.

Finally, as we were preparing for her surgery one last time, I brought home 2 tiny kittens to foster for a couple days. Babe adored them. She was just in love with them. So much so, in fact, that she began lactating, nesting and had a false pregnancy.

I'm going to take it...

...and eat it on the floor, OK?

Despite being in the middle of her false pregnancy, Babe’s vet recommended that we spay her immediately. We did, thankfully, and had her microchipped, as planned.

Getting Babe a New Home

Now that was done, it was time to hand her over to her new owner. But by then we’d had her for 5 month, spent over $3 thousand on her medical bills and the person interested in taking her had never even met Babe.

And just like that, we kept her. Mind you, the other person was a little ticked off, but I think we made the right decision.


Eight years later and she’s still our spoiled little girl. She’s about 11 years old now and isn’t as keen to leap off of the back of the couch like she was, but she’ll make short work of a tasty treat. So I stopped by Paws Truly, the local pet supply shop, and picked up a birthday cake for Babe.

Babe’s Birthday Treat

With fancy yogurt frosting and a tasty carob interior, I knew she would be all about this cake. It even came with a candle, so I was eager to make things official.


I cut the cake into fourths, which was quite a feat since the carob was extremely hard (next time I’m going to get the refrigerated cake for a softer option), but was doable with a big ol’ kitchen knife. I used a chopstick to create a perfect candle hole and voila! Babe got her cake with a candle.

IMG_1490 IMG_1497

Both pups got to eat 1/4 of the cake. Babe had hers at the table like a real birthday girl, though she was determined to grab it and carry it away to eat it on the floor. (No worries, that table got the Lysol treatment after Babe was done licking it clean!)

IMG_1503 IMG_1515

Banjo didn’t seem to know what to do with the whole slice. Such a big treat, Mom!


I looked up the cake company online for a little more info. Bubba Rose Biscuit Company is located in New Jersey and makes a lot of outrageously adorable customizable decadent delights for dogs. The treats don’t come cheap, but the type of dog owner who is buying a birthday cake for his or her dog isn’t the type to expect Ol’ Roy prices. And the company does donate a percentage of the proceeds to animal rescue groups. Also, it’s really great quality! (Or so Babe and Banjo tell me.) So if you’ve got a special canine occasion coming up, keep them in mind!


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