For Halloween, the Pig Dog was a… Pig!

dog dressed in pig costume

Trick-or-treating hours, in my small hometown, are 6 PM until 8 PM, as far as I remember. In New York, where much of the trick-or-treating is done store-to-store (commercial) instead of door-to-door (residential), it seems as though the little gremlins are welcome to begin as soon as the storefront open signs are lit.


Well, that is maybe a bit of an exaggeration. And although I could probably verify the official trick-or-treating hours online, I’m going to stick with my implied chaos theory.


Sometime around 3:30 PM on Halloween, we squeezed the Pig Dog into her fashionable, pink hoodie (it was, after all, a bit chilly that day) and over top of that, her costume.

If you’re familiar with this blog, you’ve likely seen the banner on the home page. The one with Babe all dressed up? You know what I’m talking about. And if you’re new to this blog, stumbled across this post and haven’t seen the banner, then click HERE. Don’t worry, it’ll open in a new page, so you won’t lose your place here. Go ahead and click on it. I’ll wait…


Of course it’s a pig costume! It’s only fitting that the Pig Dog would represent her title on Halloween.

All gussied up in fluffy pink finery, Babe was a smash hit with the ghouls and witches.


She walked along with Ivan and me as we made our way down 3rd Avenue with the neighbors and their fiendishly dressed kiddos (except for their daughter, who was adorably puffy in an Olaf costume).

IMG_0483IMG_0529 IMG_0480 IMG_0500

The Pig Dog only got confused once, when I stood against the storefronts, with all of the passersby in between us and began calling Babe’s name (Ivan was holding her.) She heard my voice, but couldn’t locate me and started looking at everyone who passed, checking if it was her mommy.

It. Was. Adorable.

IMG_0525 IMG_0524 IMG_0526

In case you were wondering, we chose to leave Banjo home for the day. When we took her out for a bathroom break earlier and she caught sight of a few kids dressed up, she was torn between unbridled excitement and utter terror. Neither of those would have boded well for our trick-or-treating walk through densely-packed sidewalks and screaming children.


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