My Thoughts on Our New Etsy Espresso Cups

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Five days before Christmas 2021, I gave birth to our son. A few days later, under the Christmas tree, we found a brand new espresso machine. It seemed an apropos gift to myself and my husband, given that we were in for months of restless nights with a newborn. Espresso cups were not included with the machine, so I spent a little time looking at some options.

Finding Espresso Cups

I browsed on my favorite artisan website: Etsy. There I found a lot of options, from delicate little ceramic cups with intricate designs to big clay mugs ready for a camping trip.

Finally I stumbled on something that really caught my eye. They were 4-oz. cups (perfect for my morning double-shot), handmade ceramic pieces that were individually unique. The color was a blackboard gray with gold along the rim and a gold moon phase.

What I Love; What I Don’t

I ordered a set of two from the shop Claylicious and they arrived beautifully packaged. The two moon phases we received were third quarter and waning gibbous. They’re truly gorgeous pieces and I love drinking my espresso from them every day. (I have two double-shots every morning.)

My complaints are few. That is, only one.

When ordering, there was no option to select what moon phase you wanted. The dropdown menu on the product page allows you to choose the quantity of cups, but the design is apparently random. Had I been given the option, I may have opted for a crescent and a half moon. But that is a small concern.

In Summary

Honestly these espresso cups are just stunning. The price tag ($65 for two) might scare off a few shoppers, but handmade items tend to be a bit more expensive. Being an artist myself, I can appreciate the time and effort that goes into a craft and I don’t mind supporting fellow artisans.

I’m definitely a happy customer.

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