Cooling Off

We’ve had some pretty hot days recently, temps hovering in the low to mid-90s. Our house stays pretty cool, thankfully, maintaining the chilly evening air that we let in as we sleep. First thing in the mornings, we close up all of the windows and draw some blinds. It works pretty well. We’ve only used the A/C a couple times and even then it was only for the dogs when they were left alone.

But sometimes you’ve got to be outside in the middle of the day, in that killer heat.

We bought about 10 rolls of sod to cover areas of our yard that, until recently, were bare or had bushes that we removed. Instead of attempting to reseed such large areas, we just opted for the sod. And it’s worked really well! But we had to water it every day, without fail, to ensure that the new grass didn’t just fry in the heat before having a chance to really root into the yard.

So we got a hose. And that became Banjo’s first experience with a hose.

mov-3055 mov-3088

Holy cow does she go berserk! She loves it! And it keeps her cool.

mov-3050 mov-3045


Anyone else have a dog who loves playing in the water? Because Babe could totally not relate to Banjo’s excitement.

mov-3034 mov-3031

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