Connecticut, How Do I Love Thee?

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Well, Let Me Count the Ways

  1. The People. Look, I’ve spent the past 2 years living in the unhappiest city in the country, according to the CDC. And maybe that’s not something I was acutely aware of, but I have been very aware of how friendly and helpful everyone has been here in Connecticut. Aside from being some of the worst drivers ever, these people are great!
  2. The Trees. What a general statement, right? Well, in case you didn’t read number 1, I’ve been living in a concrete jungle for 24 months. Trees are glorious! And if you think I’m a nutcase for saying that, you should totally see me driving down the road with my mouth hanging open. The trees! The glorious, glorious trees!13179444_10204524318227977_855175574228379147_n
  3. My Car. I understand that having a car isn’t intrinsic to Connecticut, but because I bought the car in order to have reliable transportation in our new state and didn’t have a car in our previous state, I am going to assign Connecticut as directly responsible for my recent and happy vehicle purchase. Have I mentioned that I love driving? Especially under trees. Glorious, glorious green trees.
  4. The Beauty. Let me start by saying that the sales tax in Connecticut is lower than it was in Brooklyn. But New York City isn’t a fair comparison here. As far as taxes go, Connecticut is pretty high. Our property taxes are painful and they extend beyond the standard home owner property tax. We pay property taxes on our vehicles as well. That being said, the application of the taxes is apparent. Connecticut (and perhaps New England in general) is flipping gorgeous! I don’t know if I’ve ever lived in an area that takes so much pride in maintaining its infrastructure, beautifying its roadways and taking such perfect care of its parks. 13626426_10204836647476013_7097018756714467996_n
  5. My Home. It’s our first house and it’s perfect for us. The yard with the tall wooden fence, the huge master bedroom and natural light-flooded craft room, the big bathroom with Jack and Jill sinks, the fireplace and hardwood floors — it’s all perfect. The dogs couldn’t be happier, with their new yard and dozens of squirrels to bark at.

This isn’t a complete list, of course. I love the breweries nearby and the shopping centers with brick facades and flower-lined sidewalks. I love that I’ve received more compliments on my sleeve tattoo from the people in Connecticut than anywhere else, and that the compliments come from everyone including middle-aged women grocery shopping to other tattooed folks at farmers markets. I love all of the running and hiking trails, the locally produced maple syrup and the farms everywhere.

I grew up in rural Pennsylvania. I’ve enjoyed living in different location and new environments. But I think that I will always prefer to live in places similar to my first home — rural (or at least suburban) areas in temperate climates near lots of outdoor activities with great restaurants and even better beer. Oh, and bonus for breweries that allow dogs.

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