City Puppy Potty Training and a Rash Landlord

Banjo is now about 8 months old and is also, for all intents and purposes, house trained. I mean, she still has a little accident now and then when we wait too long to get her out or she sucks down a ton of water and then plays with Babe for an hour.

It can’t be helped.

But, by and large, she does all of her business outside.


Being that she is a city dog, though, she has no inclination to go on grass or dirt rather than the cement sidewalk that she associates with “outside.” And regularly we find ourselves stopping in the middle of the sidewalk as she squats to pee. (I admit that is a bit embarrassing when it stops the flow of foot traffic behind us and people are forced to sidestep the weeing dog.)

We do, however, make an effort to get Banjo to pee close to the road or at least away from the middle of the sidewalk.


Sometimes she can only just barely make it out the front door before she’s sprawling out her back legs and answering the call of nature.

Once when she peed on the sidewalk right outside the front door, our landlord noticed. Mind you, he’s a peculiar guy and sometimes jumps to certain assumptions. And of course I knew this was no good.

He owns and works at a storefront directly below us, so our comings and goings are somewhat monitored (whether intentionally or not) by him and his many security cameras. When we have visitors, he notices and asks us about them. When we get deliveries, he sometimes signs for them.


On this particular day, he requested that we try to keep Banjo from urinating near the building and if she does, to please rinse it away with some water.

Naturally, we’d like to keep Banjo’s bathroom habits as far from our front door as possible. Pee stinks. And as her potty training has progressed, we’ve gotten quite good at directing her away from that area in front of the landlord’s store before she simply must go. If she can’t quite hold it, then we always rinse it away with water.

This week, some naughty dog made a mess in front of the landlord’s store. (Think Nutella — melted and tracked by a few feet.) We discovered it when we took Banjo to the dog park and passed the landlord’s mom cleaning up the sidewalk.


When we got home that morning, we had 2 unpleasant surprises. One was a handwritten note in our entryway and the other was an email. Naturally the landlord assumed the mess was from Banjo and was telling us off for failing to comply with his previous request and causing him to clean her mess.

We responded telling him that we have complied 100 percent and that the culprit of the Nutella-esque mess wasn’t a tenant in his building. Banjo, fortunately, likes to save her poos for around the block. So we’re saved from ever being guilty of leaving that type of mess.

I guess I never realized the complications of having a puppy in the city when we first adopted Banjo. And I definitely never realized the troubles of having a rash landlord watching our daily routines.

I’m not much of a believer of fate or karma, but some part of me thinks that mess was meant for him.


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