Banjo’s Food Face

For the past couple years, I’ve been running a pet treat recipe test kitchen (with the help of Banjo of course). I find 2-3 recipes online to try out every month and document the results with photos and a brief description. Then that recipe and the photos make their way to the pet advice website Petful.

Today as I was working on my umpteenth recipe, I realized that I have a treasure trove of photos featuring my droopy-lipped, bright-eyed, slobbery pup taste testing each of those treats. And really, I’ve made a lot: frozen, baked, rolled and shaped, frosted, dehydrated, cookies, sticks, balls, cupcakes, whole cakes, vegan, gluten-free, easy-peasy, super tough, winners and failures.

Being able to compile those pictures into a gallery of Banjo’s smacking lips and gobbling mouth really made my day and I hope it makes you smile too!

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