Banjo’s First Winter

It’s been over a week now since the big winter storm hit Brooklyn (and the entire northeast coast). It was the first real snowfall we’ve received all winter and Banjo’s first experience with winter.


Babe is not a huge fan of snow or cold or leaving the warmth of our bed when either snow or cold is present outside. So we left her home and braved the winter wonderland to take Banjo to the dog park.


None of the sidewalks were shoveled and only one lane of the road was plowed, but there was a ban on vehicle travel, so we walked in the road to get to the park. We met almost no one else while we were out.


When we arrived at the park, we discovered that we were the only ones there. We also discovered that Banjo loves the snow! She ran around like a mad woman and was loathe to leave, but the wind was frigid and visibility was low.

Banjo's first snow! @instaham_and_banjo #snowday #dogpark #firstsnow

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Still, she had a great first experience with winter!


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