Babe, It’s Cold Outside

It’s mid-January and winter finally found Brooklyn. Today I woke up and glanced at the weather app. It was 17 degrees. Brrr! Though, it did warm up to a balmy 28 degrees today. With the wind, the “feels like” gauge read 18 degrees. Ugh… I knew it was coming, but I’m never prepared for these cold days.

I spend a couple hours per day outside walking neighborhood dogs. So it’s important that I bundle up as much as possible. It’s also important that I wear the right gear. A lovely knitted hat might look fine, but if those purls aren’t tight, the wind is going to cut right through that yarn.

I like to think that I’ve accumulated just the right amount of just the right gear to keep me covered during these particularly frigid days. But since I value my pup’s opinion above all others, I sometimes ask her to model my winter gear before I don the hats and scarves and head out into the cold.

Babe always acquiesces. And with such grace!

IMG_1548 IMG_1551 IMG_1552 IMG_1558

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