Babe is a Blonde… or Maybe a Brunette

I got some wigs.

I’m not really sure why except that I really enjoy using props when I take photos and I’m always looking for something fun and new. For example, I have a roll of burlap, two 10×20-ft. sheets of muslin fabric, a 6×35-ft. roll of white paper and three 2-ft.-sq. vinyl decorative background sheets, all for photography backdrops.

It’s fun for me. It’s part hobby-part profession. I don’t really advertise my photography, but I’ve done 200-300 paid portrait shoots (indoor and outdoor) in the past 4 years through word-of-mouth. Someday I’d like to consider doing the shoots more regularly and really advertising, but for now I like just playing around with the photography and stumbling into paid gigs now and again.

Anyhow, back to the wigs. They were less than $10 and looked like fun, so I bought them. And then, of course, I tried them on and I took pictures and, naturally, I also had Babe try them on.


I found that Babe makes a lovely blonde.


But she also makes a pretty snappy looking brunette.

IMG_1764 IMG_1776

And she’s not the only one…


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