A Puppy and a Dog Park

In an effort to keep Banjo as socialized as possible, we’ve been taking her to the dog park since we first got her in June.


There are a lot of dog parks in Brooklyn… probably because there are so many dogs in Brooklyn. From our apartment, 2 are within reasonable walking distance. But we usually opt for Shore Road Park which is not actually a dog park. It’s not fenced-in, but it has a big field and dogs are allowed off-leash until 9am every morning.


So for the past 4 months, Banjo has been growing up with the same group of neighborhood dogs from Shore Road Park. She’s making friends, learning manners and (knock on wood) always comes back to us.IMG_9563

She’s also learning some bad habits as well, like drinking from the fountain instead of waiting for her bowl to be filled or stealing the softball players’ ball and running gleefully away with it.


She’s also learned how to get good and filthy while romping around. Sadly for her, that only leads to a sudsy shower.


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