A Morning Walk that Ended in an Allergic Reaction

Our rescued pit bull, Babe, has always had allergic reactions. Since the very first day she was in our house, she’s had sensitivities that manifest themselves as full-body hives.

The other morning we took the pups to the dog park. At the entrance to the park, we parted ways. Ivan took Banjo inside to play with the other dogs and fetch her ball and I took Babe for a walk to stretch her legs and enjoy the uncharacteristically warm November weather.

We went on our usual route, tromping through piles of leaves and snuffling around in bushes. By the time we made it back to the park, the wind had picked up and my hands were pink and cold. So we headed back home.

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The Bumps

When we were only a couple blocks away, I noticed the bumps on Babe’s head. I knew immediately that she was having an allergic reaction.

Allergies showing as bumps and hives

When we first got Babe, she used to break out in hives somewhat frequently. And we learned how to deal with it.

Raised rash on dog from allergies

We got her inside and looked her over. The bumps that were initially only on the top of her head had spread around her ears and eyes, down her neck and onto her front legs.

Raised hives around dog's ears from allergies
Allergic reaction causing raised bumps on dog

She was scratching at them and looked just pitiful.

Treating the Allergies

Babe got a dose of Benadryl and we bathed her to ease the itchiness and wash away any leftover pollen or other allergen that might still be in her fur or on her skin.

Almost immediately she began showing improvement. The bumps disappeared and she was obviously more comfortable.

Allergic reaction treated with antihistamine
Antihistamine treats allergies in dogs
Pit bull feeling better after treatment for allergies

Within an hour the bumps were nonexistent and the Pig Dog was back to her normal squishy self.

Babe’s History of Allergies

While any other medical malady would have sent us straight to the vet’s office, as I mentioned above, Babe has had these sorts of reactions before. In the past we contacted our vet and his recommendation was to use Benadryl, which is what we’ve done in the few instances since that discussion with him. Each time, the Benadryl has worked and the added bath has soothed her itching.

If your pet has an allergic reaction to something, I’d always recommend contacting your vet first, especially if it’s never happened before. Dosing is different for each dog, so rely on the professionals for guidance.

Babe is feeling better after getting medicine

9 responses to “A Morning Walk that Ended in an Allergic Reaction”

    • No, we never did find out what it was. I know pit bull-type dogs are more susceptible to skin irritations, but we never see it coming.
      Has your pup had similar allergic reactions?

  1. Benadryl is our best friend. Jernee has a number of allergens so we’re faithful friends of the famous antihistamine. Babe is a cutie and I’m glad she’s feeling better!

    • Do you know of any particulars that bother Jernee? I really wish I could pin down irritates Babe so much.
      Or have you noticed certain times of the year that are worse?

  2. How much Benadryl do I give my 2 year old Pitbull? This is the second summer (I’m in Australia) that my baby has broken out in this rash. We’re sure it’s from our garden.

    • Hi Maree, I’d definitely recommend contacting your dog’s veterinarian to find out the dosing. Unfortunately I’m not a trained medical expert, so I can’t advise how much or what kind of medicine to use.
      I hope you’re able to find help for your pup!

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