A Mending Paw

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In my last post, I detailed our very rotten Monday that started with a nasty dogfight at the park and ended with Babe having a bloody paw.

That was a terrible beginning to the week. But I’m happy to report that things have improved since.

Banjo and her tongue

First to report: The dog park has been MOSTLY chill since the aggressive Monday scare. I mean, there was a little scuffle on Thursday, but it was nipped in the bud immediately by responsible and super cool pet owners.

Banjo has enjoyed many games of fetch and rumpus sessions completely incident-free.


Second to report: The Pig Dog is always a bit of a snoozer compared to her energetic young sister, but we’ve been really limiting her exercise this week to keep that wound from reopening.



Poor Babe; paw injuries are simply the worst!

For the first 3 days, we kept a clean cotton bandage (replaced by the good doctor Ivan) wrap on her paw with a red stretchy bandage sock to protect it. (Though that sock got dirty nonetheless.)


Afterward, we removed the bandage and have been keeping an eye on the cut. Babe doesn’t lick it often and it’s healed to the point where we don’t have to worry about bleeding any more.

She’s run out of antibiotics from the vet, but we think she’s on the mend!


Meanwhile, with all of the extra snuggling and loving and attention Babe’s been getting, Banjo has been finding other means to occupy herself, including diving to the very bottom of her toy box to find a squeaking, horned, chunky-footed ball that she hasn’t touched for months.

Oh Banjo!

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5 responses to “A Mending Paw”

  1. Both your pups are absolutely gorgeous 🙂

    I’m glad the week improved for you, and that Babe’s paw is healing nicely…our Border Collie cross used to cut his paws all. the. time on walks, and he was such a pain as even when the cut was virtually healed he would lick & lick & lick until he’d opened it up again!!

    PS we have that toy Banjo is playing with…minus the horns, Zoey thought they were tasty!

    • Oh my! Did Zoey chew them up? Those toys seem so durable to me!
      I think paw injuries must be the absolute worst. And of course our dogs don’t understand that they have to leave the cuts alone for them to heal properly! Ai-yi-yi!

      • She didn’t chew it up (which is amazing as our older two are seriously destructive with toys!), but she did manage to get the pointy horns off and thought they were tasty XD

  2. hello babe and banjo its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow so mutch stress frum the dog park!!! if only peepul wood be reesponsibul for there dogs at those playses!!! i cud never kope with ennything like this so i do not eeven go to the dog park ennymore sad to say!!! ok bye

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