A Chill in the Air

Dr. Husband started a new rotation with a 14-hour on-call shift Friday evening. Then another Saturday evening. And the 14- to 15-hour shifts (both day and night) will continue for over a month. We knew this rotation was coming, but it’s still pretty lousy.

Anyhow, since Ivan is a first-year resident (also known as an intern), he can’t work a 24-hour shift yet. That’s something special that he can look forward to next year. So he had off Friday during the day and we took advantage of that by going out with the dogs.


I’ve had a bit of a knee injury (Are you guys surprised?), so I didn’t want to go for a run. Instead we took the dogs to the dog park down the road.

img_3607 img_3602

Have I talked about this dog park yet? Well, it’s just phenomenal. It’s about a 3- to 4-acre fully fenced area. It’s hilly and covered with trees. It’s just a perfect spot to stop and toss around the ball. Banjo certainly agreed.

img_3595 img_3600 img_3605

After we wore out the crazy one a little bit, we picked up a couple pumpkin spice lattes and took the pups for a walk along a gorgeous multi-purpose trail nearby. The leaves are just starting to turn and the really precocious ones have already dropped. The air has taken on a slight chill; though on that particular day, it was still definitely tank top weather.

img_3652 img_3643 img_3635

The dogs were both really excited to be out and walking around with Mom and Dad. They weren’t nearly as interested in the cicada husk that I found. And they also weren’t as pumped about stopping for a few photos mid-walk. But we got in a good 2 miles and everyone was happy afterward.

img_3620 img_3647 img_3638

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